Mar 17 2010

The Mix Graveyard

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This is where the old mixes go to die.

More Coming Soon.

Arch’s Mixes:
Radio Toombs Street   
Just a Sip at Twilight Mix
No Lot Lizards – Truckin’ Mix
Dance Mix
Pub Mix
Drywall Mix
Gulf 104 Mix
Hawaiian Confederate Mix
Tweedle O’Mix
Election Mix
Income Tax Wax
So-So Mix
Otter Pop Genocide 
Revenge For My Cat
Mother of Mix
Birthday in the Sandbox 

New Skin for an Old Mix
Kinda Rocking
Kinda Moody
Kinda Funky
Kinda Country
Kinda Misc 

Chicken Mixes
Chicken Mix I: Original Recipe
Chicken Mix II: Poultrygeist
Chicken Mix III: Rooster Juice
Chicken Mix IV: New World Pecking Order 

Mixish I
Mixish II
Mixish III
Mixish IV
Mixish V 

Friend’s Mixes
Joe’s Jaws of Life 1a  1b   2a   2b  
Joe’s Cajun Style Honky Tonk  Part A   Part B 
Yetsko’s Wrong Way to Start a Year
Yetsko’s Chicken Strip Party Mix
Yetsko’s Take Off Your Shock Collar
Yetsko’s Ships on Fire
Yetsko’s No Ambiguous Turns
Don’s Mud on Yer Tires
Katie’s The Last Genuine Time
Jesus’ Urthwurm Rocks 

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