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May 05 2010

Save the Withlachochee Skunk Ape

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There has been a lot of buzz round these parts about the skunk ape, the stinky diminutive southern cousin of bigfoot. Apparently, there have been a lot of sightings down by the river. So much so that there is an editorial in today’s local paper urging people to make sure that are not shooting people in ghillie […]

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May 03 2010

The Moultrie Massacre (Book on Tape Version)

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Tonight, we got something special. Direct from glorious hifisonic mp3 technology, a special guest mix from a guy who business card reads simply “Badass Audio Archivist and Reel2Reel Wizardknight”. Seriously, it does. Gold lettering and all. And now here is the pudding to prove it: Mike’s Mix with No Name Be safe out there!

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