May 05 2010

Save the Withlachochee Skunk Ape

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There has been a lot of buzz round these parts about the skunk ape, the stinky diminutive southern cousin of bigfoot. Apparently, there have been a lot of sightings down by the river. So much so that there is an editorial in today’s local paper urging people to make sure that are not shooting people in ghillie suits before letting off rounds at the skunk ape. Seriously. 

The scary part is that the description is a near perfect match for me: Hairy, Inhuman gait, Bulbous eyes, Over 6 feet tall and 300 lbs, strong scent of sulfur. 

So, here is my latest offering…an ode to our regional cryptozoological wonder:  Skunk Ape Rock

If you do eye a skunk ape in your backyard, please make sure it isn’t a human before you shoot it. Please. The life you save could be mine.

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May 03 2010

The Moultrie Massacre (Book on Tape Version)

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Tonight, we got something special.

Direct from glorious hifisonic mp3 technology, a special guest mix from a guy who business card reads simply “Badass Audio Archivist and Reel2Reel Wizardknight”. Seriously, it does. Gold lettering and all.

And now here is the pudding to prove it: Mike’s Mix with No Name

Be safe out there!

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Apr 27 2010

Broncos! Guns! Yes!

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Have an awesome week.

More mixes coming soon. And maybe even a story or joke.

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Apr 10 2010

Rocking the End of the World

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A Tango with Death?

This is a mix Maria and I have been throwing around for years. In fact, I think we were initially going to post it on Dec. 21, 2012, which I recently learned from an awesome John Cusack action flick, will be the end of the world. But due to technical difficulties, it is being unleashed upon the earth today.

So here is your asteriod crashin’, giant lizard monster smashin’, ice-cap meltin’, horsemen ridin’, and nuclear holocaustin’ rock fix:

The Apocalymix 

See you on the other side.

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Apr 03 2010

Don’t Walk In Rhythm and You Won’t Attract the Worm

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Anybody here read Dune? 

It is pretty awesome. And I just love those pesky sandworms.

And so the mix: Attracting the Worm

My best Dune story…is the day I was driving around and saw some dude from Brooks County Georgia with a license plate that simply read: “Muad Dib”. The Spice certainly flowed through that Ford Taurus.

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Apr 01 2010

Return of the Blood Red Bird

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Yetsko strikes back. 

Two finely crafted naval-intelligence laced rock and roll experiences for you from the red bird himself:

Tonight, We Set the Occoquan on Fire

Can You Please Smoke this Pork, Comrade?   

You can run, but you can’t hide, Finch.

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Apr 01 2010

I am as nimble as a forest creature.

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Not really. But I am still pretty nimble.

Here is a back-logged mix named after my favorite youtube clip about the making of my favorite jazzrock production masterpiece:

The Making of Aja Mix.

No Steely Dan included.  Unfortunately. 

Have a lovely evening.

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Mar 29 2010

Yikes. Back from the dead.

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Hey. My computer died. So now I use this blog thing. 
Did you miss me?

Here is a mix. 
Lots more coming, hopefully.

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